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Happiness in Bloom

Felicidad en Flor was Founded by Raquel Fuertes.It is the gem created as a result of unforeseen hardships. A true endeavor of passion for helping others .

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Our Story

Raquel, Rachel to her friends and family, had devoted her life to the medical profession and became an x-ray technician at a local hospital. When a tragic accident in the workplace left her unable to fulfill her position, she was forced to find a new career path. 
     Although the transition from x-ray technician to floral designer was difficult, she is thankful for the accident that led her to this new path in life. She was able to use her hands again in a new way and she is thankful for the beauty of flowers that brought her peace and healing.
     Rachel now runs her own successful floral design business with the help of her husband Jacob. They continue loving to help others express their emotions through the beauty of flowers.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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